SECURE public beach access


Access 33 victory!

In our beach community’s getting to the beach has simply never been questioned. Pack up the family and surf board, find a good parking spot and walk the public access…no problem. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Public Beach Access 33 in Wrightsville Beach North Carolina, which has been used by the public for over 40 years, was recently taken away. When an adjacent property owner recently realized that the access lies within its property line, the Public Beach Access was restricted from further use by the public. The Town of Wrightsville Beach decided not to investigate alternatives for saving the public beach access. The closure of Beach Access No. 33 created the longest gap between accesses within the town. Through public pressure and petitioning, followed by negotiations with the Town and homeowner the Chapter was able to come to a compromise. With the Chapter’s assistance the town will purchase a permanent easement to keep Access 33 open. This agreement also avoids setting a dangerous precedence of closing a public beach access.


PROTECT our oceans and address the dangers to it, today and in the future.


Protection of our natural areas is essential for ocean health. The Cape Fear Chapter of Surfrider and the community at large has been instrumental is founding the non-profit organization, For Masonboro Island, in hopes of preserving this sanctuary.

Friends of the Reserve (FOR) is a non-profit organization that works to support the North Carolina Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve. Formerly the Carolina Estuarine Research Foundation (CERF), the mission, vision, and objectives of FOR remain the same. Through fundraisers, donations, and memberships, FOR is able to provide funds for education, stewardship, and research activities conducted on Reserve sites. Funds raised by FOR Masonboro Island will be used solely for activities on and supporting Masonboro Island.

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PRESERVE our coastline from threats like coastal development, sea walls, shoreline armoring and beach dredge and fill projects.

There is a constant struggle in many places to keep the sea at bay, whether building concrete seawalls or dredging up sand from the seafloor to dump on beaches. The wrong choices can lead down a path where beaches disappear, coastal tourism and recreation suffer or where billions of dollars are lost to storm-damaged and flooded properties.

This is especially true in light of climate change and sea level rise. We cannot let our beaches and natural shorelines vanish before our eyes.

How the Surfrider Foundation Is Turning the Tide

The Surfrider Foundation’s Coastal Preservation Initiative protects our shorelines. We proactively address threats like coastal development, sea walls and other types of shoreline armoring and beach dredge and fill projects to ensure the protection of our coast. Our network of volunteers work with community planners to make informed and responsible decisions on coastal development and to address the effects of rising sea levels.