The Surfrider Foundation has developed “Respect The Beach,” an education program that includes two curriculums.


The first is “Beachology,” aimed at mostly elementary school students, it teaches about sand composition, plant, animal and human interactions with the coastal landscape, and taking responsibility for improving that environment.

classroom2border-webMembers of The Surfrider Foundation, UNCW Chapter visit Pine Valley Elementary School regularly to teach a curriculum that covers everything from basic ocean knowledge to what are major issues and what each can do to help.  First Grade teacher Sarah Shay said “we are so fortunate to have Surfrider come to our class room, the students learned a lot about how to takeclassroom1border-web care of our local beaches.”  Shay is one of many teachers that have allowed Surfrider’s program in her classroom;  “It is not everyday we can have Wrightsville Beach delivered right to us.”

Members of The Surfrider Foundation, UNCW Chapter visit Pine Valley Elementary School regularly

The Surfrider Foundation plans to continue this program with hopes of extending to multiple schools.  UNCW freshman and Surfrider co-chair Vanessa Bezy states “The Surfrider Education Program is a great way for kids to get interested in the ocean and conservation at a young age.”  The curriculum is a three part system that incorporates multiple activities for the students as well as informs in a fun way.  Activities include digging in sand for treasure, an activity to teach about the dangers of littering on the beach.

Watershed Works

The second is “Watershed Works”. This includes the composition of watersheds and man’s influence. As well as the effects pollution has on our watersheds. Our chapter volunteer have just completed the full “Beachology” program with the 3rd and 5th graders at Wrightsville Beach Elementary School, and look forward to reaching more students with our message in the future.

girlFor information on how to volunteer for one of the Cape Fear Chapter’s activities, please contact Kathryn Sisler.

Check out the “Respect the Beach” educational program article in the February 10, 2005 – February 16, 2005 issue of the Lumina News.

If you would like to sign up your school to have members of the Cape Fear Surfrider Foundation come in and present the “Respect the Beach” educational Program, please contact us.

A huge part of the local economy deals with the ocean and local beaches, it would be a shame to over look important problems that could be easily fixed with the proper support.  With the beach so close it is very important that many of the issues that have plagued the environment be publicized so they will not happen again.  If each can be educated on the dangers of poor conservation we will be one more step towards making a difference for the future.  “It is important to get children involved at a young age in order to really make a difference in conserving our oceans in the long run.”

We are always looking for ways to get the word out so if you are interested in having Cape Fear Surfrider give a talk in your class or school please contact us below.

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