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Reduce the use

Layout 1We are advocating for binding legislation in New Hanover County, NC to reduce the demand of single use plastic grocery bags.

Act Now…Please…


Checkout the Town of Carolina Beach’s website for information on Reducing The Use of plastic bags on Carolina Beach.

There are a wide variety of ordinances through out the country aimed at reducing the demand for single use plastic grocery bags and the harmful impacts they have on the environment. We are working to raise awareness about these impacts and support efforts to determine what type of ordinance is right for New Hanover County and the local municipalities.

Checkout what some concerned people have found.

Let’s all REFUSE single-use plastics. Then REDUCE the amount of single-use plastics we can’t refuse. If we fail at those two then let’s REUSE everything made of plastic. Only when we’ve failed at all of those let’s make sure we RECYCLE what’s left.

Some ask if its a legitimate problem.

What do you think?

Get informed…plastics…how does it effects you?