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Cape Fear 3rd Annual Clean Water Classic Huge Success

Wrightsville Beach-The weekend of October 6-7 marked the 3rd Annual Clean Water Classic Event for the Cape Fear Chapter. With over 200 people entering and watching the contest, the chapter was able to send their messages about water quality, beach access and the State of the Beach Report over the airwaves for 2 straight days.

Check out photos:

The Awards Banquet was attended by over 100 people and was held under the big top at Surf City Surf Shop (the Landing) on Wrightsville Beach, catered by K38 Inc and the Seapans steel drum band played again this year.

As usual a big thanks goes out to the ESA crew that always help make this happen and for Spy Sunglasses and Coastal Beverage for sponsoring the saturday night after party.

3rd Annual Cape Fear Clean Water Classic Results, 2007

Surf Shop Team Challenge
1st place Sweetwater Rippers

2nd place Surf City Crew

3rd place Aussie Island In the Eye

4th place Surf City Posse

5th place Aussie Island Nut Jobs

6th place Aussie Island East

Surf Shop Team Challenge Grom
1st place Dylan Kowalski, Sweetwater Rippers

2nd place Dalton Gilly, Surf City Posse

3rd place Zack Bland, Surf City Crew

4th place Corey Crist, Aussie Island Nut Job

Surf Shop Team Challenge Female
1st place Airlie Picket, Aussie Island East

2nd place Liz Hauser, Aussie Island #1

3rd place Margie Cox, Surf City Posse

4th place Darsha Pigford, Sweetwater Rippers

Surf Shop Team Challenge Longboard
1st place Tony Silvagni, Sweetwater Rippers

2nd place Tim McAuliffe, Surf City Crew

3rd place Randy Sellers, Surf City Posse

4th place Bryan Goodwin, Aussie Island Nut Jobs

Surf Shop Team Challenge Adult
1st place Will McEachern, Surf City Crew

2nd place Thomas Waldkarch, Aussie Island #1

3rd place Jesse McCrery, Aussie Island Nut Jobs

4th place Ben Powell, Sweetwater Rippers

Surf Shop Team Challenge Master
1st place Tony Butler, Sweetwater Rippers

2nd place Cain Faircloth, Surf City Crew

3rd place Daniel Sacchi, Aussie Island #1

4th place David Rydderch, Aussie Island Nut Jobs

Division Open Grom
1st place Cam Richards

2nd place Eric Kirby

3rd place Dylan Kowalski

4th place Evan Barton

5th place Weston Williams

6th place Alec Graves

Division Open Longboard
1st place Tony Silvagni

2nd place Drake Courie

3rd place Weston Williams

4th place Bill Curry

5th place Jeremy Robinson

6th place Josh Curry

Division Open Female
1st place Jassett Umbel

2nd place Jo Pickett

3rd place Airlie Pickett

4th place Kristen Kornegay

5th place Megan Goodwin

6th place Britany Gomulke

Division Open Guppie
1st place Nash Connor

1st place Nick Randise

1st place Malia Spear

1st place Conrad Andree

1st place Noah Connor

1st place Brandon Barrett

1st place Finn Howard

Division Open 18+
1st place Erik Schub

2nd place Richard Gilligan

3rd place Tony Silvagni

4th place Jimmy Mendello

5th place Slater Powell

6th place Nick Bland

Highest Scoring Wave Erik Schub $100

Best Air Slater Powell $100

College Tag Team

1st place UNCW Alumni

2nd place UNCW A

3rd place University of West Florida

4th place University of Central Florida